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Treatment for Anger (Anger Management)

It is possible to learn how to control your frustrations by practicing anger management techniques on your own. However, seeing a mental health professional or taking an anger management class is generally more effective. Here are some techniques that may help with day to day dealings with controlling anger.

  • Take a few minutes to calm down before discussing the problem. This allows you to realise that there is no need for a high level aggression and gives yourself time to reorganize your emotions and strategy for dealing with the problem.
  • Be assertive, not aggressive when making your points. Express yourself firmly, but do not insult the other person.
  • Talk it over with a friend before you confront the person you are angry with.
  • Try to find the humour in the situation.
  • Do something physical to channel your energy.
  • Go work on a hobby for a little while. If you love to garden or build model airplanes, do that. Engaging in an enjoyable activity can help keep you calm.

Anger management is often seen as more of a lighthearted issue by many people however this is not necessarily the case especially, for the individual.

Anger is quite often a tough and overwhelming issue to attempt to resolve by yourself, if you would like to talk to a professional about this issue or any other issue that is concerning you then please feel free to contact one of our offices in Ireland at locations in Dublin North/South, Limerick and Cork, you can call us at (+353) 76 680 1060 and you can email us at hq@mymind.org to organise an online session or possibly a face to face consultation.Alternatively, you can use on of the feedback forms to get in touch with us or you can use the e-mymind message forum to contact us.