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Online Support

E-mymind.org offers a platform for the online service of MyMind. We provide online support via our LiveChat service or by Email. If our team is unavailable on LiveChat, we will attempt to answer your query via email as promptly as possible and typically within 72 hours.

We provide online support that can offer guidance and advice on how MyMind can help with any issues you are experiencing.We do our best to answer any questions or concerns you have as they arise as well as helping you choose the best MyMind service for your needs.


Face to Face Support

Book an appointment at one of our four centres across Ireland, located in Dublin 1, Dublin 6, Dublin 8, Cork and Limerick.

Please click on the image below to book a face to face appointment at one of our four centres.

Face to face support

You can call our office if you have further questions: ROI - (+353)1 223 8600, NI and UK - (+44)203 322 4499

Step 1: Screening Form (Optional)

This first step will bring you to a screening form. The aim of this screening form is to provide a broad assessment of your mental wellbeing at present and will give a sense of the support most suitable for your needs.

The screening form is completely anonymous and will take around 10 minutes to complete. For your convenience, you can also link it with your user account.

Screening form

This screening form will provide you with a colour coded result:

  • Red: Indicates that you are in need of immediate support.
  • Orange: Indicates you may be experiencing a stressful period in your life at the moment and you may look for professional support to help overcome this.
  • Green: Indicates that you may not need to see a mental health professional urgently, however you may still want to talk to a professional about some issues you are experiencing.

If you have any further questions about the screening form or about the service we provide, please go to Step 2. If you wish to book an appointment with one of our team members, please go to Step 3.


Step 2: Ask a Mental Health Question

Type your question below in "Have a question?" (bottom, left hand side).

   If you can't find answer to your question, please click "Contact Us" (top, left hand side). Our team will aim to answer your query within 72 hours.


NOTE: This service is available in all EU countries.

Online mental health support is a form of support that can be helpful and supportive in difficult moments.


Step 3: Book Appointment Online

Over 80 mental health professionals and 10 different languages to chose from.

A very easy method of arranging appointments with a mental health professional.

Click on the image to book your session.


At MyMind, you have the option to talk to your therapist online via video conference.

This means you can have a regular therapy session with a member of our team, no matter where you`re living in Ireland and from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

An online session can be useful if you:

  • Are unable to reach one of our four centres due to geographical location.
  • Are experiencing mobility difficulties.
  • Are experiencing social anxiety or agoraphobia.


MyMind offers a safe and user friendly environment through Citrix and Twilio video conferencing.

NOTE: Mental health support via the Internet may not be suitable for everyone, for example those in crisis, or experiencing a serious mental health disorder.In such situations, we reccomend visiting a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist.Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Step 4: Give Us Your Feedback

If you have some thoughts about our service we would love to hear it!

Providing feedback allows us to examine the service we provide and make suitable adjustments to our service to accommodate our clients as much as possible.

Should you wish to provide us with some feedback positive or negative please click on the image below.




Optional Step: Donate A Session

If you feel like our service benefits you, someone you know or the broader community and would like to help our service by donating a session ( A session is paid for and as a result, a person who cannot afford to pay for their own sessions, does not need to pay for a session with one of our professionals, thanks to your kindness.)

Thank you for helping make a difference.



Important: Please read service regulations.