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Treatment for Anxiety

There are a number of ways to treat or put an ease to some anxious situations, of course this depends on personal preference and some relaxation techniques may benefit some but not others.


Exercise is well known as a stress-relieving activity.Most forms of exercise will provide a benefit, and team sports and activities practiced in the outdoors seem to be particularly beneficial for stress reduction due to the fact that you are more than likely getting fresh air and sunlight and co-operation and working with a team also is highly beneficial.


Music is one of the most well-studied treatments for situational anxiety, and listening to your favorite tunes during times of stress can make an immediate difference in your mood. Dozens of studies show that music helps relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve mood for those in health care.


Breathing which is one of the cheapest of any types of treatment for anxiety or stress or anger management yet it is one that requires the most practice. It’s a strategy that is used in mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation that is an effective tool to have in your arsenal for dealing with stress and anxiety. Deep breathing, also called “pranayamic” breathing by yogis, has been shown to activate parts of the nervous system, decrease blood pressure, reduce cortisol, and slow the heart rate.

Here at MyMind we have a multi disciplined team who have a range of therapeutic approaches used to deal with anxiety and help treat anyone who suffers from it.

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